This forum is dedicated to the pure bred Siberian Husky.

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The OzSiberians Forum is a Forum dedicated to the pure bred Siberian Husky.

The OzSiberians Forum is a PRIVATE Forum (access by membership only)dedicated to the pure bred Siberian Husky, although if you do have other breedsand are interested in Siberian Huskies you are more than welcome to join.

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1. Discussion Topics

-This is a breed Forum for Siberian Huskies...please try as much aspossibleto stick to subjects involving the Siberian. If you own otherbreeds, we arehappy to hear about those as well and welcome your entire4 legged family, butplease remember this is a Siberian Husky forum.

-If you post information thatis from another site, look first if thesite in question doesn't forbid it. Pleasealso credit that site/authorin your post to respect their work.

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will NOT be tolerated and will result in immediate banning.

- and more generally any messagecontravening Australian laws are prohibited.

4. Politics

- We welcome the freedom of speech and individual opinions.
Part and parcel of the show world of which some of our members participate in,involve politics. It is the nature of the beast. HOWEVER, DO NOT name NAMES

-whether that be Exhibitor/Owner/Dog-s/Kennel/Judges.

5. Personal Privacy

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6. Obscenities/Pornography

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